Products Available through our Licence Partners
Polymer Encapsulates for Textile Industry
For Durable Whitening
Durable Mosquito Repellance
Durable Fragrance Finish
Durable Antimicrobial Finish
Fragrance enhancement of agarbatti/ incense sticks using encapsulation
Can be used for better performance and hence better market share and market claims
Used for very diffusive fragrances or for enhancing diffusion of heavier fragrances
Can be used very effectively for cost reduction in hand rolled battis (both masala and RTD type)
Technologies dealt with for Technical Delivery
Distilled Fatty Acid
  Ballestra, Lurgi or Emery Processes
Soap Formulation & Manufacturing
  Pans, Continuous Saponification, Crutcher, Dryers, Straight through, Liquids
Bar Soap Finishing
  SPM, Mazzoni, Binacchi type of finishing equipments
  Chemithon type or Ballestra processes
Detergents, Dish Wash, Clothes Care, All purpose Household
  Continuous or Batch neutralization, Spray or Fluid Bed, Dry Mix
Detergent or Dish Wash Bars
  Dry Mix, Extrusion
Emulsions for Liquids, Creams and Cosmetics
  Macro, Micro and stabilized emulsions, multi phase and/or structured
Mosquito Coils
  Formulation, Extrusion & Drying
  Formulation, Hand-rolled/Extruded
Encapsulation of any water soluble matrix
  e.g. Starch/ Carbohydrate matrix stabilized by spray drying, fluid bed or crosslinking
Encapsulation of any water insoluble matrix
  e.g. aminoplast resins, polyurethanes etc
Speciality Chemicals
  active encapsulation and enhancement in customer matrices
Process or Formulation Troubleshooting
  Aerosols, Lanolin manufacture
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