Innoleague maintains the leadership in its chosen area of expertise by closely following the happenings in the industry. Its uses its proprietary knowledge, databases as well as widely read articles/expertise from the industry. Some examples of such own as well as industry articles are
New Product Development :
Future Directions in Water Soluble Polymers for Detergents
Manufacture of Non Allergenic Lanolin
Dilution Thickening liquid cleansing compositions
Formulation Design :
Soap Cracking White paper
Guidelines on Stability Testing of Cosmetics
Zeta Potential – White Paper
Formulating with Associative Rheology Modifiers
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Support :
Deterioration of Bleachability
Bleaching earth- A historical note
Theory of Constraints and its Thinking Processes
How to compare Six Sigma, Lean and TOC
Soap Making from Neutral Oil-White Paper
Case Study Detergent Tower Process Capability
Project and Engineering Support :
How to increase vacuum of Liqud Ring Vacuum Pump
Pumps in Soaps/Detergents Industry: An article by SSP Pumps
Ultra High Shear Mixing Technology
Design of a Triple Effect Evaporator for Glycerol concentration
Strategic / Technical Purchase Support :
Cost Model for LAB and LABSA in India:.... Contact us
Soap Noodle Cost Formula & Purchasing Strategy:.... Contact us
Coconut oil and its derivates
MES- Hedge against Crude Prices for Detergent Industry
Technical & Manufacturing Training :
Soap Training
Fabric Conditioners Training
Case Study- Applying Theory of Constraints
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